OKEA started its Draugen drilling campaign, using the Deepsea Nordkapp rig, in mid-October. The campaign consists of appraisal wells Infill Ø (6407/9-11) and Skumnisse (6407/9-12).

The company has been live-streaming the drilling log from the operations on the semi-submersible rig since the beginning of the campaign.

In an update on Tuesday, OKEA said it had completed drilling of the reservoir section of the Infill Ø well (6407/9-11) in the Draugen field.

The well targeted a possible unswept oil accumulation in the producing reservoir which could potentially be drained by a future oil producer well. The log data from the well confirm the presence of an oil column at the well location.

Depth conversion of the seismic data was the principal pre-drill uncertainty for this well and the reservoir was encountered 5 m deeper than prognosed, but despite this, OKEA interprets that there is still a 2.5 m column of oil remaining at the top of the Rogn Formation reservoir at this location. The data indicate that this area of the field is already being drained efficiently by existing wells and that it is therefore not necessary to invest in a new oil producer well to drain the remaining attic oil volume.

OKEA said that the well results would be important to the further assessment of the drainage strategy of Draugen and OKEA would use the data to optimize future production from the field.

The well was drilled with a highly cost-effective, slim design, with the top-hole section being ‘batch-drilled’ together with the Skumnisse well to further reduce costs.

OKEA said that this efficiency had enabled reservoir data to be acquired on the 5th day of operations. The well has now been plugged and will be abandoned before the rig returns to the Skumnisse location to continue drilling that appraisal well (6407/9-12) through the reservoir section.

OKEA is operator of the Draugen license PL093 with a 44.56% share. Partner companies are Petoro (47.88%) and Neptune Energy Norge (7.56%).